32. Honor roll

It was hard to decide whether to include in this story a list of Hibernia’s “first responders.”  Without a doubt, I would miss some.  But as I interviewed my colleagues, certain names kept surfacing.

Part of my dilemma was that some of the people weren’t “on the line” right at the start.  They were stuck somewhere and showed up some days later.  So, who was “first” and who was “second”?  Did it matter?

In the end, I decided to try to gather the names of everyone who went “above and beyond.”  I relied on information provided by managers of each area of the bank.  Occasionally I was given names but no indication of their contribution.  I included them anyway.  Names are alphabetical.  I hope, if I have overlooked some, they will understand it was not intentional and they too are honored.  And, this is the internet.  I can always add to the list.  You can reach me at rhoadley2@yahoo.com.

Name Position Yrs Above and Beyond
Rich Abbrecht Chief Operating Officer, Southcoast Capital 6 Saw volumes increase after storm and believed it was impact of storm on energy markets and “sympathy” trading.
Lee Abshire Lake Charles Property Management Maintenance Assistant 3 Got back to Lake Charles Sunday, settled family, and then went directly to Tower building.  There day and night helping and doing anything he could to assist in clean-up.
Giri Addanki Provided data support for associates’ call-in line.
David Alello Direct Bank Team Manager 3 Was critical in coordination of personnel and housing.
Jolynn Alexander Gretna Central Teller 6 After house destroyed, evacuated to Texas and went to work.
Bill Alt Business Banking Center Marketing Segment Manager 14 Worked with Susan Streich, Capital One SBA relationship manager, to create small business loan program for disaster area.  Got Hibernia prepared to re-enter SBA lending market quicker than thought possible.
Mike Altman Telecommunications Manager 9 Managed group of engineers in re-routing inbound/outbound phone traffic around issues caused by storm.  Worked with suppliers to provide more capacity to bank’s telecommunications network.  Implemented new voicemail system in Shreveport to replace one lost in Hibernia Center
Scott Amerson Direct Bank Team Manager 4 Helped re-organize for service calls.  Critical in coordination of personnel and housing.
Darlene Antoine Automated Loan Services Specialists 17 Worked non-stop in Shreveport.
Pauline Appleby Line-of-Business/Regional Support Manager 11 Provided documentation and analysis supporting $175-million allowance for loan loss provision taken in third quarter for the two hurricanes.
Susan Arceneaux Retail Operations Coordinator 26 Helped with safe boxes plan, customer letters, reversing fees.
Billy Arnold Senior ATM Operations Analyst 6 Worked on damaged and destroyed ATM issue, driving in from Arkansas.
Leslie Ashburn Distributed Services Project Manager 7 In Shreveport, provided lodging support to employees; later focused project management on recovery efforts.
Denise Aucoin Retail Operations Specialist 26 Helped set up a branch operations help desk in Alexandria and handled 300 calls per day, any type of question.
Dane Babin Systems Engineer 9 Retrieved GroupWise server and hooked it up.
Lakechia Bacchus Westheimer  Teller 1 Worked at temporary banking office at Convention Center in Houston set up to help New Orleans evacuees.
Gregor Bailar Capital One Chief Information Technology Officer and Member of Executive Committee 5 Went to Shreveport for quick assessment of Hibernia infrastructure.
Lori Baldassaro Director of Strategic Initiatives and Performance Reporting 7
Peter Baldassaro Corporate Security Manager 27 Helped get security for reopening branches including armored car for French Quarter branch.
Donald Barry Item Processing Manager 29 Instrumental in getting back-room processing up and running again.
Donna Barry Corporate Facilities and Design Manager 21 Helped provide all the housing for dislocated employees.
Gina Barton HRIS Administrator 10 Instrumental in getting Lawson and eHR backup server up and running. Helped set up data link between Capital One and Hibernia.
Susan Baum Retail Operations Manager 26 Supported branches when mainframe was down.  Helped mitigate branch damage; created plan for safe box recovery.
Dale Baxter Beaumont Building Supervisor 12 Assessed damage in Beaumont area; worked long hours making sure locations were secure .
John Beavon West University Personal Banker 2 Worked at temporary banking office at Convention Center in Houston set up to help New Orleans evacuees.
Jacqueline Becnel Executive Coordinator 20 Assisted executive team members in temporary offices in Baton Rouge.
Beatrice  Belisle Product Implementation Supervisor 16 Worked on Red Cross relief card project.
John Bell Fidelity Account Manager 1 Fidelity employee, unaccounted for about three days, who helped get systems back in operation.
Pat Bell Government Relations Manager 12 Worked on legislative emergency measures.
Bryan Bensel  Systems Engineer 3 Built makeshift sled and pulled equipment down from 23rd floor of 225 Baronne office building.  After Rita, drove food and water from Shreveport to employees in Lake Charles.
Keith Bergeron NW LA Regional Chairman 28 Found retail people to help in the Shreveport call center.
Carolyn Berkowitz Director, Philanthropy and Community Relations 1 Capital One philanthropy head who coordinated contributions to the recovery effort.
Susan Bernard Westwego Branch Manager 33 Helped open Marrero office, first office opened on West Bank.  Met there 9/11/05 to receive currency shipment, get keys and combinations ready for reopening.
Ray Berni  Network Engineering Manager 22 Managed group of network engineers to repair data network, re-routing data network traffic around issues caused by storms, worked with telecommunications suppliers to provide more capacity to network.
Chris Berthaut  Systems Engineering Manager 11 One of engineers responsible for recovery of systems in Shreveport.  Volunteered to return to Hibernia Center and camp out in building to assist with system recovery  when city access was still very restricted.
Debbie Bertuccini Senior Programming Manager 26 Oversaw Fidelity mainframe recovery with sense of ownership, tremendous leadership; extremely responsive to every need.
Karen  Bibbins Automated Loan Services Specialist 18 Worked non-stop in Shreveport.
Randy Bidleman Small Business Banking Information and Relationship Management Portfolio Manager 10 Helped analyze loan portfolio and come up with estimate of possible loan losses.
Desiree Bild Loan Services Section Manager 6 Spent first days and nights after storm tracking down people and trying to arrange accommodations for them, both at work and in hotels.
Barton Black Administrative  Services and ATM Services Manager 9 Got ATMs back in service.
Leslie Borel Treasury Management, Commercial Knowledge and Marketing Manager 6 Spearheaded getting application called Client Contact back up.  Assisting many relationship managers who relied on it for client data.
Peggy Boudreaux Manhattan Assistant Branch Manager 7 Worked at temporary banking office at Convention Center in Houston set up to help New Orleans evacuees.
Sharon Bourgeois Direct Bank Operations Manager 11 Helped connect operations to fulfillment team.
Kim  Bourne Senior manager, Office of the CIO 7 In Shreveport, provided on-site support for lodging; later provided support from Richmond.
Lillie Bowman Corporate Relationship Manager 20 Evacuated from New Orleans and began working in Texas day after storm.
Judy Bradley Bonnabel Branch Manager 25 Assisted with East Bank branch recovery.
Bart Bragg Distributed Systems Manager 7 Oversaw information technology recovery in Shreveport.  Knew what had to be done and mobilized team of professionals.
Gale Branon Consumer Collections Supervisor 15
Karen Braun Elmwood Branch Manager 15 Worked in “Shared Bank” at Fidelity Homestead in River Ridge.
Greg Brewer Line-of-Business Controller 1 Helped with various accounting issues following the storm.
Aaron Brewster Field Support Engineer 5 In Shreveport, worked many hours getting all employees up and running.
Sally Brink Collateral Control/Imaging Manager 14 Worked on Loan Operations issues in a “killer job” trying to reduce processing backlog.
Brady Broussard Credit Analysis Manager 4 Assisted with hurricane impact analysis of commercial portfolio.
Peter  Brown Director of Consumer Risk Management 10 Managed through disruption of Collections Department, including Labor Day loss forecasting.
Jeanne Brown-Maheia Loan Administrator 5 Evacuated from a roof of home, then came to work.
Jackie Bruce Human Resources Information System Assistant 11 As a data entry person, was critical to getting payroll out.  Evacuated to Birmingham with daughter, while husband stayed behind.  A week later, learned husband was rescued from second-floor window of home, sent to Superdome and evacuated to San Antonio.  Eventually, family reunited in Shreveport.
Conrad Bujard Project Planning and Implementation Manager 16 Helped coordinate housing.  Took Steve Hebert home after rescue.
Liz  Buras West Esplanade Branch Manager 24 Helped in Baton Rouge branch.  Got Bonnabel branch re-opened on East Bank.  “Could handle anything.”
Ann Byrd Manager, Call Center Managed call center taking Hibernia associates calls.
Alex Calicchia Brand Marketing Manager 1 Worked on special disaster advertising.
Lynn Callery Management Recruiter 12 Manned “Bernie Room” in Shreveport.
Sam Camarda Senior Network Engineer 5 Network engineer who found way to connect undamaged ATMs back to the network, which was down because of power loss at Hibernia Center.
Jackie Carlson Loan Administrator 11 Came to work in Shreveport.  Sister died as result of storm.
Darlene Cashio Bonnabel Assistant Branch Manager 20 Helped re-open branch.  Did whatever was needed.
John Chandler ARP Supervisor 9 Helped with Red Cross relief card project.
Rebecca Chauvin Automated Clearinghouse Section Manager 29 Worked “all hours” from laptop to operate Automated Clearinghouse.
Nece Cheri Retirement Security Plan Assistant 10 Lost everything, came back to work in HR immediately.
Cathy Chessin Corporate Counsel and Corporate Secretary 5 Provided vital legal support throughout merger renegotiation.
Tommy Chiasson Special Assets Section Manager 36 Walked up 25 floors in dark, “broke into” collateral vault to get important stock certificates for a customer.
Karen Childs Fidelity Shift Supervisor 6 Stayed at Hibernia Center during storm with family.  Helped keep production running while machines operated.
Joe Cicero Insurance Product Manager 7 Baton Rouge claims expert focused on working with large commercial customers and VIP personal accounts to manage and speed claims process to get customers re-opened for business.
Sylvia Claire Rio Grande Valley Trade area Manager 3 Mustered volunteers to go to Houston.
Jayme Clark Direct Bank Communications and Training Manager. 6 Provided key training and constant communications.
Lisette Clark Commercial Assistant Loan Officer 12 Went to Houston after storm to help and continued working there, separated from husband, a St. Bernard law officer.
Paul Clement Technology Risk Analyst 5 Worked to order and place in service more than 1,000 new PCs for recovery workers in Shreveport, Dallas, Houston and Baton Rouge.
Charlotte Collie Automated Loan Services Customer Services Section Manager 16 Helped get Shreveport recovery site organized.
Debbie Collins Hwy. 190 Branch Manager 20 Managed re-opening of the first branch on the North Shore.
Jane Comeaux Executive Coordinator 12 Helped executive officers, others with administrative work in aftermath of storm.
Dixie Conques Franklinton Branch Manager 26 Obtained $130,000 cash for St. Tammany utility company to pay employees, the entire amount in the Franklinton branch at the time.
Charlie Cox Beaumont Business Banking Manager 25 Quick damage assessment and reopened.
Paul Craig Texas North Region Trade area Manager 14 Helped Hibernia Center evacuees in Dallas.
Jeff Cross Commercial Services E-Commerce Product Manager 15 Supported TowerNET and other Treasury Management systems from Shreveport with no downtime.  Supported Automated Clearinghouse transmissions, allowing many regional companies to meet payrolls for displaced employees.
Steve Cunningham Director, Treasury Operations 6 New CFO who joined bank from Capital One during the recovery period.
Nanette Daigle Cameron Assistant Branch Manager 13 After branch and home destroyed, helped coordinate moving of salvageable branch furniture and safe deposit boxes.
Agnes Daniels Statements Clerk 7 Rescued from home in eastern New Orleans, went to Houston Astrodome.  Helped in Hibernia’s Houston mail room.
Bill Darling Corporate Relationship Manager 14 Beaumont hurricane impact analysis and client recovery.
Dan Daunis Fidelity Application Programmer – Deposit Systems 12 Worked until he became delirious to aid in recovery of deposit applications on mainframe in Los Colinas (Dallas).
Paul Davidson South Texas Regional Chairman 20 Set up branch in evacuation center; put evacuated employees to work.
Regina Davis Small Business Banking Loan Documentation  Section Manager 1 Oversaw set-up of Small Business Loan Servicing center in Shreveport.
Tonya Davis Shaw Verification  Section Manager 7 Supervised set-up of Shaw system loan servicing in Shreveport.
Karen Deblieux International/U.S. Corporate/Correspondent Banking Manager 20 Worked from Hammond branch, dealing with own clients plus public-funds, commercial and retail clients.
John Dendinger Greater New Orleans Market Operations Manager 24 Helped extensively with branch damage and safe box recovery.
Wayne Denley Alexandria Business Banking Manager 16 Helped set up evacuee workers, supplies, etc., in Alexandria.
John Diaz Storage Engineer Manager 12 Helped retrieve GroupWise server and get hooked up.
John Dickson Beaumont 2nd Class Engineer 3 Worked on building damage following Rita.
Shannon Dinot Vault Cash Position Analyst 7 Had a baby about the time of the storm, then showed up in Houston two weeks later to work, leaving infant at home; gave 125%.
Mike Dobbins Vice President, Retail Banking 1 Stepped in to help while still with Capital One, even though merger was uncertain at the time.
Tommy Doiron Corporate Regional Property Manager 32 Involved in all aspects of first response and recovery.  Helped with branch damage analysis and many early damage mitigation efforts.
Darrell Dragon Deposit Services Manager 21 Oversaw recovery of vital Deposit Operations functions.
Garry Ducote Property Management Maintenance Assistant 11 Helped muck out many flooded offices.
Dee Duhe Benefits Assistant 9 Assisted many employees who had benefits issues after storms.
Bobby Duhon Southeast Louisiana Central Money Vault Manager 34 Oversaw the recovery of critical money vaults cash and the supply of cash to branches crowded with customers.
Heather Dunlap Direct Bank Team Manager 8 Helped re-organize entire department to handle service calls.  Had undying work ethic.  Took on customer service for online banking.
Raymond Duplessis Image Archive System Manager 18 Volunteered to go to disaster recovery site near Philadelphia, to assist printing statements and notices, giving up chance to deal with flooded home for several weeks.
Aline Dykes Industriplex Branch Manager 27 Dealt with large influx of customers in Baton Rouge.
Ron Earhardt Fidelity Operating Systems Programmer 18 Worked to pump out Hibernia Center; stayed in Center to help keep mainframe running and shut it down when time ran out.
Alan Ellen McKinney Branch Manager 2 Helped evacuees by opening old Wal-Mart store in McKinney as an evacuation site.
Peggy Elliott Inbound Telebanking Manager 22 Worked to manage center charged with handling overwhelming number of customer phone calls after storms.
Mary Ellison Executive Coordinator 16 Went to Baton Rouge and helped executive officers set up temporary headquarters.
Gary Evans CheckFree Employee An expert in Automated Clearinghouse processes, drove hours to assist bank, without seeking reimbursement.
Donna Exnicios Office Operations and Delivery Systems Manager 26 Key in recovery efforts, helped set priorities for rebuilding branch operations.
Matt Faust North Shore Trade area Manager 16 Mucked out North Shore branches.  Moved money around when armored cars couldn’t.
Skip Federico Senior Network Operations Analyst 9 One of first IT people back to re-open Hibernia Center, camped there and had cookouts on roof.
Kathy Flores Check Control Manager 7 Tasked with reconstructing missing deposits and checks from flooded branches, many of which items best described as environmental disaster.
Bridget Forsythe Facilities Designer 8 Helped oversee move of many offices in Place St. Charles in New Orleans, while working from Baton Rouge.
Gail Fottrell Capital One Project Manager, Strategic Card Projects 5 Supported employee call-in line, including the organization of callbacks.
Janet Fowler Northern Human Resources Manager 25 In Shreveport and Dallas, helped arrange many services and assistance for evacuees.
David Frady Commercial Product and Services Manager 15 Dealt with many Treasury Management, Lockbox and U.S. Postal Service issues.  Played significant role ensuring commercial bank infrastructure was restored after storm.  Was a lead player in Red Cross relationship through which Capital One and Hibernia helped provide debit cards and checks.
David Franks Building Superintendent 11 Broke open loan file drawers to get important papers.  Instrumental in recovering cash from New Orleans sites and Lake Charles sites.
Ray Frigo CIO, Capital One Global Financial Services 5 Provided support from Capital One throughout the recovery effort.
Bill Galloway Central Business District/Uptown Business Banking Manager 16 Critical to restoring small business lending and service in New Orleans, making courageous credit decisions in early months after storms.
Margie Galloway Coordinator of Shareholder and Director Relations 19 Worked on new merger issues, although position was due to be eliminated after merger.  Evacuated to Houston, working there for nearly three months.
Alan Ganucheau Bank Investments Manager 16 Worked closely with money vault supervisors to ensure appropriate cash levels were on hand.
Marsha Gassan CFO 29 Loan loss reserve calculation.
Ben Gautreaux Technology Risk Operations Support Manager 30 Provided critical coordination of disaster recovery team activities.
Arthur Gibson Houston Retail Operations Manager 4 Helped manage extra traffic in branches.
Darryl Giesemann Senior Database Administrator 9 Although lost house in Lakeview, spent endless hours recovering various systems.
Janice Gill Loan Systems Support Manager 20 Recovered loan systems, knowing she had lost two homes in St. Bernard parish.
Patricia Gillikin Small Business Banking Loan Documentation  Section Manager 17 Despite losing home and personal items, worked to restore Small Business Loan Servicing in Shreveport.
Angela Glaviano New Orleans Recruiter 2 Assisted with branch recovery and finding missing employees.
Bryan Glenn Portfolio Risk Assessment Manager 25 Worked over Labor Day weekend to help analyze loan portfolio and estimate possible loan losses.
Ken Goldberg Group Manager, Capital One Bank Integration 5 Provided research and analysis on impact of storm to New Orleans and region; assisted in political process related to government loans and grants; assessed disaster recovery progress.
Marcel Gonzalez Driftwood Branch Manager 2 Evacuated and worked ­­in Baton Rouge, then came back to Jefferson parish to work in a “partner bank” on Williams Boulevard.
Shellie Gorecki Consumer Loan Services Center Manager 19 Provided unstinting service to recover functionality of Consumer Loan Services.
Tom Govan Regional Public Funds Banking Manager 20 Worked to recover public funds operations in Baton Rouge while housing 20 church members in his home.
Valerie Greene Physical Security Administrator 11 Worked without relief after the storm for Steve Hebert, head of Property Management, only confiding several days later that her brother had died at his home in River Ridge.
Chip Gremillion Corporate Product Manager 18 Restored Automated Clearinghouse and wire transfer operations, making critical decisions under extreme conditions.
Allison Griffen Greater New Orleans Market Operations Manager 23 Worked in the so-called “safe box church.”  Helped muck out many damaged branches.  Re-opened Marrero branch on West Bank.
Robin Grunwald  Director of Network Operations 5 Provided key supervision of operational recovery of more than 150 key IT  systems in Shreveport.
Robyn Gueringer Baton Rouge Insurance Agency Branch Manager 13 Coordinated shifts of workers for six days per week; designed office space for them to handle claims calls while handling normal work  for Baton Rouge and Metairie.  Added supervision of Lafayette office after Rita.
Cordell Guillory Direct Bank Team Manager 4 Direct Bank supervisor helped re-organize for service calls.
Belinda Hall CheckFree Employee Expert in field of Automated Clearinghouse processing, drove hours to come to bank’s assistance.
Hugh Hamilton Bayou Region Regional Chairman 18 Helped with Hibernia Center evacuees in Houma while opening branches quickly.
Karen Hardy Lafayette Trade area Manager 5 Helped oversee Lafayette branches inundated by evacuees.
Lonnie Harmon Payroll Processor 20 Helped process payroll in Shreveport to ensure employees continued to be paid without interruption from the storms.
Heath Hatton Field Support Engineer 6 In Shreveport, worked many hours to get displaced employees up and running on computers.
Cindy Haygood Direct Bank Sales Manager 10 Hibernia manager who also served as a Major in Louisiana National Guard.  Provided significant assistance in evacuation of employees from Hibernia Center.
Danny Hebert Business Banking Center Manager 18 Helped hold Small Business Banking Center together to support “normal markets.”
Scott Hebert Programming Manager  – Lending 22 Fidelity programming supervisor who helped recover mainframe, loan files and supported and enabled loan deferral program coding on systems.
Steve Hebert Corporate Property Management Manager 21 Oversaw the emergency evacuation of Hibernia Center and all of the rebuild efforts of the damaged banking infrastructure.
Eric Heller Houston Trade area Manager 1 Enlisted Texas volunteers to go to Houston and set up a temporary banking facility at the George R. Brown Convention Center facility.
Griselda Henriquez Automated Loan Services Collateral Vault/Imaging  Section Manager 16 Managed difficult process of removing millions of dollars worth of collateral from disable vaults in New Orleans and transporting it safely to Shreveport.
Dustin Henry Lake Charles 2nd Class Engineer 2 Always on hand to do what was needed; ran the only operational elevator in Tower building so that contractors and laborers could clean and repair building.
Bill Herrington Southeast Regional Commercial Manager 19 Involved in a dramatic rescue of his neighbor when he returned to his flooded home a week after Katrina.
Trish Herskovitz Treasury Management Sales Specialist 2 Helped evacuees through the HiberniaCares program.
Tammy Hymel Bayou Region Market Operations Manager 23 Worked in Houma with evacuees and to restore branches.
Nettie Hock Automated Loan Services Collateral Vault/Imaging Processor 28 After being trapped in home was evacuated to Superdome, then to Houston. Eventually was tracked down at the Astrodome and driven, with family, to Shreveport, where she went to work.
Michelle Holmes Small Business Banking Automated Loan Services Loan Services Specialist 16 Came to Shreveport to help recover Small Business Loan Servicing after losing stepfather to a heart attack in Houston during storm.
Teresa Hooker International Paying and Receiving Supervisor 27 Showed up in Shreveport to help maintain International Banking operating system.  Kept International area running for week or so using manual processing.
Sarah Hornsby Direct Bank Overdraft Relationship Manager 1 A key person in training, provided constant communications within the Direct Bank.
Andrew Hovet Sales Arena Customer Feedback Manager 2 Oversaw Gallup poll of customers during recovery period.
Jeff Howell Payroll Supervisor 7 Helped set up payroll function in Shreveport to ensure payrolls were processed with minimal issues.
Tyrone Hubbard Small Business/Private Banking Relationship Manager 17 Although lost everything, worked hard to recover Small Business Banking.
Andy Hutchinson Houston Check Processing Transit Shift Supervisor 6 Worked many additional hours when New Orleans check processing merged into his area as result of storm.
Ellen Hymel Small Business Banking Loan Documentation and Processing Manager 22 Oversaw area in Shreveport that Insured availability of loan documents.
Jay Hymel Web Engineering Manager 10 Played crucial role in recovery of Internet Banking systems.
Pam Hymel E-Commerce and Web Based Solutions Manager 18 Oversaw recovery of n Internet Banking systems.
Christine Ingles Human Resources Benefits Manager 19 Provided crucial leadership to quickly put emergency employee welfare plans in place.
Dee Jeansonne Business Banking Account Administrator 22 Went to Houston, but returned six days later after husband, who stayed in New Orleans, suffered a stroke. Continued to work while driving each day from Des Allemands to see husband in hospital.
Trina Jenkins Dormant Account Coordinator 25 Stepped into role of supervisor in absence of Section Manager who was out on medical leave during hurricane.
Tamara Jones Manager, Capital One Corporate Travel and Expense Management Team 12 From Richmond, oversaw hotel supply coordination.  Worked to find hotel rooms, negotiated prices, coordinated travel of employees from Richmond to Shreveport, Baton Rouge and New Orleans.
Randy Kassmeier Corporate Counsel 16 Helped with rescues in French Quarter for five days and worked in branch in Shreveport.  Helped with safe boxes.
Jo An Katsorchis Fidelity Application Programmer Consultant 22 Worked 48 hours straight in Shreveport to recover mainframe with Debbie Bertuccini.
Virginia Keller Marrero Personal Banker 35 Helped open Marrero office, first to recover on West Bank.
Randy Keller Enterprise Systems Engineer 7 Provided nearly continuous service to help recover systems.
Sherry Kelly Shreveport Human Resources Consultant 13 Assisted in numerous ways to accommodate evacuees who came to Shreveport as part of the disaster recovery activities.
Kimberly Kirkland Loan Administrator 8 Worked diligently to provide service, despite losing sister in storm.
Scott Kisner Corporate Planning Manager 29 Evacuated to Lafayette; first week worked on assessing impact of storm on revenues, expenses and profitability; helped with branch closing analysis.
Joyce Kitsos Financial Accounting Staff Accountant 29 Operated reconciliation system (Vector 8) to get payrolls booked on ledger; on 10/20/05, husband burned badly.
Jim Kitto West Bank Trade area Manager 9 Helped supervise all the New Orleans branch recoveries.  Didn’t have day off for months.
Susan Klein Assistant Corporate Secretary 22 Evacuated, then went to Houston, working on new merger issues.  Spent 23 hours on the road between Houston and Dallas during Rita evacuation.  Remained and worked in Houston nearly three months before returning to New Orleans.
Irene Kotval Sherwood Forest Branch Manager (Baton Rouge) 26 Managed branch that at times was packed with evacuees stopping for assistance.  Provided professional, compassionate, calm service while maintaining a sense of humor.
Kathleen Krementz Greater New Orleans Market Operations Manager 25 Helped with North Shore branch recoveries after evacuating to Alexandria.
Eunice Krey P&C Insurance Account Executive 23 Recovered phone system for processing insurance claims.
Gerry Kuhn External Fraud Investigations Supervisor 2 When armored car could not reach French Quarter branch, went to meet truck on foot and guide it in, providing cash for re-opening.
Paul LaCoste Fidelity Applications Programmer Consultant 20 Helped with emergency rescue of worker in Hibernia Center and flew to Dallas with vital computer tapes.
John Laing North Texas Regional Chairman 23 Oversaw Dallas banking efforts to assist evacuees.
Andrea Lavigne Retail Loan Operations Processor 11 Worked on recovery activities even though 15-year-old stepson drowned in New Orleans.
Libby Leblanc Baton Rouge Main Office Branch Manager 26 Operated busy banking office in spite of a crush of displaced customers needing service.
Jim Lestelle Corporate Communications Manager 20 Oversaw critical disaster communications activities and acted as liaison with Capital One.
Angel Lewis Direct Bank Team Manager 4 Helped re-organize department to assist with service calls.
Scott Lewis Texas Business Banking Group Manager 14 In McKinney, set up tables with computers and phones to accommodated about 100 displaced employees.
Ying Li Capital One Project Manager, Strategic Card Projects 7 Provided support for the employees’ call-in line.
Rick Lindahl Fidelity Programming Manager – Deposits and Financial Applications 13 In Dallas, helped recover mainframe computer.
Kathy Link Human Resources Recruiting 32 In Lake Charles, helped provide recovery assistance for many displaced employees.
Michael Liuzza Corporate Services Manager 18 Worked diligently to try to restore mail service to Hibernia from the badly damaged U.S. Postal Service.
Frankie Lofton Community Services Sales and Services Director 30 Helped in branch recoveries, and broke open loan file drawers to get important papers to safety.
Bill Logan New Orleans Vault and Cash Supervisor na Moved operation to Baton Rouge and went above and beyond the call of duty to supply cash to recovering branches.
Steve Lousteau South Central Regional Chairman 32 Supported Baton Rouge branches, helping provide resources to respond to heavy influx of evacuees.
Rissi Lovern Business Banking Center Sales Support Risk and Automation Manager 16 Assisted in recovery of small business banking operations.
Gloria Loxterman Houston Branch Manager 3 As HiberniaCares chairman, set up a room with personal care items for evacuees at Westheimer branch office.
David Luke Treasury Management Sales Specialist 20 Worked to help Red Cross roll out massive relief card project.
Dave Lundgren Manhattan Branch Manager 11 First went to work in Baton Rouge, then returned to New Orleans to work in “partner bank” in Terrytown.
Paul Lungaro Southwest Central Money Vault Manager 13 Provided money vault recovery and support, helping set up a cash vault command post.
Louis Lusignan Training Sales and Leadership Coach 16 Helped re-open Bonnabel branch on East Bank, bringing a “can do anything” competence to the job.
Judy Lytle South Central LA Market Operations Manager 30 Helped with evacuees and branches throughout the Baton Rouge area.
Jan Macaluso Controller 24 Helped enormously with employee assistance programs,  among many other things related to getting accounting functions running again.
Wade MacLean Southeast Texas Trade area Manager 10 Oversaw the re-opening of bank offices in the Beaumont area after hurricane Rita.
John Marlbrough Loan Services Commercial Systems Support Section Manager 8 Was first to get to Dallas from Loan Systems Support area and worked non-stop on his own and others’ systems.
Julie Marsh Community Banking Banker Associate 1 Worked on the safe deposit box recovery project in New Orleans.
Bruce Martin Fidelity Information Processing Manager (Mainframe Operations Dept.) 11 Rescued from Hibernia Center, was ultimately responsible for getting vital data out of building and making urgent recovery decisions.
Russell Martin Fidelity Senior Application Programmer 3 In Houston, worked with Items Processing staff to capture all transactions that normally would be shipped to New Orleans.
Royce Matheny New Orleans Main Office Manager 7 Veteran branch manager who re-opened Main Office in New Orleans and assisted with safe deposit box recoveries.
Laura Mathieu Lafourche Trade area Manager 10 Helped with Hibernia Center evacuees in Houma.
Rene Mauldin Capital One Human Resources Manager 7 Assisted with housing, employee issues.
Byron Mauthe Treasury Management Senior Product Manager 8 Provided nearly continuous support of TowerNET and other Treasury Management systems from Shreveport.  Supported Automated Clearinghouse transmissions, allowing many regional companies to meet payrolls.
Lauren Mayle Capital One Enterprise Crisis Management Program Manager 3 Put together the first crew of Capital One IT engineers to assist in Shreveport .
Sandra Maxey Recruiting Administrative Assistant 34 Assisted with myriad evacuee issues.
Jimmy McAlpin Fidelity Senior Programmer 10 In Houston, worked with Items Processing staff to capture all items that normally would be shipped to New Orleans.
Mike McBride Capital One Director, Information Technology Integration 9 Flew in first week after storm to help in Shreveport;  put in long and extraordinary effort to work with Hibernia to restore service.
Pat McCann Construction Project Manager 15 Was first one in Baton Rouge with Donna Barry to work on numerous employee lodging, building repair and maintenance issues.
Regina McDowell Arabi Branch Manager 17 Was instrumental clearing exceptions for closed branches.  Dug through muck at Civic Center and Paris Road branches to find loan documents and general ledger entries.
Laura McLaughlin Greater New Orleans Trade area Manager 23 Worked on branch damage and safe box recovery. Helped re-open a number of branches.
Ian McNulty Corporate Communications Editor 4 Was member of small communications staff who provided essential recovery to employees, customers and others.
Linda Meche-Crochet Credit Analysis and Portfolio Manager 21 Worked in Lafayette immediately after storm and through Labor Day weekend to assess impact on loan portfolio.
Jody Medan Retail Delivery Trainer 32 Worked in various re-opened offices to help manage crowds and assist with operational issues.  Lost her house in St. Bernard parish.
Eve Melvan Asset Quality Reporting Manager 6 Returned to work on recovery issues, after riding out storm in a bathtub in her St. Charles Avenue apartment.
Annella Metoyer South Texas Trade area Group Manager 6 Was instrumental in gearing up Houston offices to help evacuees.
Yvonne Mhire Cameron Branch Manager 40 Although branch and home destroyed, helped coordinate moving of salvageable branch furniture and safe deposit boxes.
Patricia Miceli Collateral/Credit Administrative Assistant 14 Coordinated employee welfare issues for Loan Service staff working in Shreveport command center.
Charlotte Miller Executive Coordinator 18 After evacuating to Minnesota, returned to work in Pontchartrain branch answering phones, destroying wet traveler’s and cashier’s checks, recovering safe box documents.
Lawrence Miller Lake Charles Building Superintendent 3 Worked for three straight weeks, some days 18+ hours to get Tower building clean, safe and secure.
Richard Miller Calcasieu Trade area Manager 12 Helped re-open Lake Charles offices after Rita.
Suzy Miller Loan Services Collateral/Credit Section Manager 7 Was instrumental in setting up disaster site in Shreveport.
Darrell Mipro Line-of-Business Controller 9 Returned to work after losing home in St. Bernard parish and helped with branch damage analysis.
Dax Misner New Orleans Main Office Building Second Class Engineer 3 Provided vital assistance in re-opening Main Office Building, Relighting landmark tower and opening basement vaults.
Joe Monaghan New Orleans Main Office Building Superintendent 4 Oversaw the recovery of the company’s Main Office Building in New Orleans, including the relighting of its landmark tower.
Bill Moran Fraud Security Manager 34 Was instrumental in safe Hibernia Center evacuation.  Helped set up recovery phase by getting police escorts from Baton Rouge back into New Orleans.
Annie Morrison Trust Operations Assistant 5 Helped Hibernia Investments recover safe box documents.
Keith Morton Baton Rouge Corporate Portfolio Manager 2 Prepared hurricane impact analysis for commercial portfolio.
Patty Muller Insurance Department Manager 3 Re-located her people, equipped with laptops, to ensure customers had information needed to stay in compliance with government regulations and maintain proper communications.
Charlotte Murla ATM  Quality Control and Reporting Manager 10 Worked in Shreveport after losing grandmother in St. Bernard nursing home.  Provided initial lodging support to employees; later focused on recovery efforts.
Ken Murray Direct Bank Manager Re-organized the Direct Bank area to assist with customer service calls.
Charlyn Myers Alternative Delivery Operations Manager 26 Led monumental reconcilement effort of cash and clearing accounts that became out-of-balance after computers systems were shut down during the storm.
Shana Naquin Banking Office Balancing Manager 15 Worked to reconcile large number of out-of-balance transaction accounts.
Cynthia Narcisse Electronic Payment Processor 13 Joined team and worked in Shreveport.  In September, daughter who was a freshman in Ruston killed in traffic accident.  Moved back to New Orleans and resigned.
Leo Nelson MON SB/Private Banking Relationship Manager 21 Gave up office for Cathy Chessin when she showed up during evacuation.
Tim Nelson Baton Rouge Building Superintendent 16 Coordinated branch clean-up and was instrumental in recovering cash from New Orleans and Lake Charles sites.
Debbie Newchurch Insurance Systems Administrator 15 Put in 18- to 20-hour days, relocated servers to Shreveport to maintain operations.  Found additional computers to relocate employees to three offices.  Stayed in Shreveport until able to relocate servers back to Metairie.
Katherine Newman Check Processing 2nd Shift Transit Manager 22 Volunteered to stay in New Orleans with Check Processing team.  Forced out of Holiday Inn with flooding.  Husband slipped, fell, broke arm in several places while evacuating hotel, requiring surgery to fix multiple breaks.  Drove to Houston to be part of recovery effort.
Lee Nicosia Check Processing Manager 46 Went to Houston, worked long hours overseeing Check Processing recovery.
John Nunez Fidelity Programming Manager 25 Worked 48 hours straight in Shreveport to recover mainframe with Debbie Bertuccini.
Mike O’Neil Fidelity Senior Application Programmer 13 In Houston, worked with Items Processing staff to capture all transaction that normally would be processed in New Orleans.  Spent many hours trying to create from electronic entries items (such as checks) that were in flooded branches.
Anne Oestreicher Internal Control Manager 13 Helped with accounts payable recovery.  Worked 20 hours per day processing expense reports.
Patrick Olinde South Baton Rouge Trade area Manager 22 Provided significant support for Baton Rouge branches.
Jill Oliva South Central Louisiana Market Operations Manager 31 In Lafayette, helped with evacuees, branches.
Fran Omner Funds Management Administration Manager 25 Showed genuine care for employees and helped take care of problems.
Judy Pahren Capital One Vice President, US Card 12 In Richmond, oversaw creation of an emergency call-in center for displaced Hibernia employees to check in.
Chris Palumbo Capital One Director, Project Management Office 9 Helped with housing and disaster recovery work.
Ashley Pansano Distributed Services Administrative Assistant 3 In Shreveport, provided lodging support to employees.
Sally Parrish Distributed Services Project Manager 2 In Shreveport, provided initial lodging support to employees.  Later focused on recovery efforts.
Fay Paysse Loan Documentation Systems and Compliance Manager 14 Went to Industriplex and got systems running without any interruption.
Craig Peak Direct Consumer Lending Manager 20 Oversaw recovery of consumer lending activities as member of Incident Management Team.
June Pertuit Sherwood Forest Senior Teller 25 Came to work in Baton Rouge as drive-through teller even though suffered severe losses in New Orleans.
Paul Peters Mortgage Banking Manager 11 Assessed asset quality, put insurance program in place.
Vicki Petitfils Executive Coordinator for President and CEO 20 Acted as Herb Boydstun’s right-hand.  Helped in many ways through the days after the storm even though her own home in St. Bernard Parish was destroyed.
Doug Pick Capital One Director Enterprise Customer Management 9 Oversaw the execution of two fund-raising telethons.
Ellis Pisciotta Insurance Product Manager 12 In Baton Rouge,  as claims expert, focused on working with large commercial customers and VIP personal accounts to manage claims process.
Bonnie Plaisance Belle Promenade Teller Line Supervisor 25 Helped open Marrero office, first location opened on West Bank.  Met there 9/11/05 to receive currency shipment, get keys and combinations ready for reopening.
Josephine Plott Retail Loan Operations-Loan Accounting Section Manager 1 Died in Shreveport of terminal cancer after moving her Automated Loan Services loan accounting function there and getting it running.
Patrece Poche Retirement Security Plan Assistant (employee benefits specialist) 12 Went to Shreveport and volunteered to “do whatever you want me to do.”  First helped with Human Resources mail that was stalled and rerouted to Shreveport.  Later helped process many employee benefit claims from the storm.
Mark Politz Corporate Regional Property Manager 3 Managed Lake Charles tower building through Rita.
Rachel Pollet Regional/Retail Audit Associate 9 Assisted in recovery of various audit-related activities.
Porter’s Dry Cleaners Shreveport bank customer Provided free laundry service for evacuee-employees for several weeks.
Sharon Price Hibernia Asset Management Administrative Assistant 30 With her husband, Steve (also a Hibernia employee), lost everything in the storm, but still was active in re-establishing operations in Houston.
Steve Price Regional Operations Center Manager 22 Part of advance team sent to Houston to set up for processing New Orleans work.  Held things together until reinforcements arrived.
Donna Prinz Benefits Administration Supervisor (employee benefits specialist) 5 Went to Baton Rouge and assisted with many employee issues, using borrowed computers and desks for a time.  Never lost composure in very trying situations.
Chris Prokopeas Marketing and Customer Lifecycle Manager 2 Arranged for special disaster advertising.
Cathie Provenzano Airline Branch Manager 20 Assisted in branch re-opening and recovery.
Wendy Putnam Corporate Facilities Designer 3 Provided critical coordination for employee housing.
Amy Qattan Garland Branch Manager 2 Dealt with branch that was packed for weeks with displaced customers.
Judy Quinn Spouse of Mike Quinn Helped Hibernia employees in Dallas (including dislocated Loan Services employees) find housing.
Mike Quinn Consumer Lending, Loan Services and Loan Systems Support Manager 5 Provided considerate, caring leadership throughout a hard process.
Tamika Ranson Houston Recruiting Administrative Assistant 6 Assisted displaced Hibernia employees in numerous ways.
Miles Reidy Capital One Bank Integration Executive 7 Backed Hibernia during recovery and helped provide Capital One assistance in many different areas.
Martin Rezza Exceptions/Return Items Processing Manager 17 Demonstrated tremendous dedication and loyalty in recovering Item Processing activities.  Did not go home until job was done.
Janet Rich Small Business Banking Loan Documentation Section Manager 25 Moved all of Small Business loan servicing to Shreveport.
Keith Richard Baton Rouge  Trade area Manager 30 With Patrick Olinde, oversaw Baton Rouge branches dealing with impact of evacuees.
Dawn (Ricks) Horvath Applications Group Manager 6 Evacuated by canoe.  Rescued by helicopter.  Went to work in Shreveport.
Eric Rietschel Treasury Management Commercial Products Director 9 Supported TowerNET and other Treasury Management systems in Shreveport.  Supported Automated Clearinghouse transmissions allowing many regional companies to meet payroll.
Scott Rink New Orleans Vault Supervisor 8 Cash analyst in Baton Rouge who did anything and everything he was asked.
George Robins Baton Rouge Corporate Portfolio Manager 2 Performed hurricane impact analysis of commercial portfolio.
Monte Robinson Marshall, Texas Business Banking Manager 20 Drove truck to Shreveport with supplies, clothes, baby supplies for a few weeks.
Denny Rogers Senior ATM Operations Analyst 7 Although was supposed to be leaving the company, stayed on for a time to work on damaged and destroyed ATMs.
Clarence Romage Construction Project Manager 19 Provided unstinting help with branch damage clean-up and repairs.
Bryan Roser Systems Engineering Manager 8 Helped oversee IT systems recovery.
Kristine Rossi Capital One Senior Program Manager, Strategic Card Projects 6 Managed project to set up 800 number for Hibernia employees to call in and get support/information.
Ellen Rullman Senior Audit Liaison 14 Helped open and dry out wet safe deposit box contents and access cards.  Contents were dried and re-bagged under dual control.  Acted as courier between branches to pick up teller’s proof work, a key to getting customers deposits posted.
Ted Saba Enterprise Engineering Manager 6 Oversaw critical components of IT recovery in Shreveport.
Kathy Saloy Eastover Branch Manager 15 Lived in East New Orleans and lost everything.  Returned to work in Houston in less than a week.  Worked at temporary banking office at Convention Center in Houston set up to help New Orleans evacuees.  Addressed customer’s financial concerns and emotional needs .
Joann Sanders Retail Operations Specialist 21 Assisted in recovery of retail operations.
Gwen Sawyer Columbia St. Branch Manager 36 Went to branch shortly after storm to access damage. With no phone service, went to homes of employees to make sure they were all right.  Without recourse to higher management, made decision to open branch without power in order to serve community with local police providing security.  Worked without lights, computers or air conditioning for several days until generator came online.
Sabrina Scharfenstein Treasury Management Product Implementation Supervisor 13 In Houston, did not miss a beat in relocating and supporting clients.  Supported Automated Clearinghouse transmissions allowing many regional companies to meet payroll.
Dennis Schexnayder Belle Promenade Branch Manager 9 Oversaw re-opening of Marrero branch on West Bank.
Peter Schnall Capital One Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Officer 10 Worked with Hibernia’s Marsha Gassan and Rob Stuart on loan loss reserve issue.
Rachel Schwehm Staff Accountant 1 Although a new employee whose job was being eliminated in the merger, went to work on reconciliations issues.
Anthony Sciortino Systems Engineer 1 Part of a small group that came back as soon as possible after storm to operate systems in Hibernia Center.  Lived in the Center for a week at a time.
Juanette Scott Payroll Processor 12 In Shreveport, helped ensure payrolls were fulfilled.
Karen Sharp Mandeville Branch Manager 20 Drove through storm from Franklinton to manager’s s home to plan reopening of Hwy 190 and Gause offices.
Katherine Shelton Westheimer personal banker 1 Worked at temporary banking office at Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center set up to help New Orleans evacuees.
Kelly Shepherd Greater New Orleans Market Operations Manager 16 Assessed branch damage.  Mucked out branches.  Recovered money.  Set up safe box recovery.
Heather Smith Senior Communications Specialist 7 Provided communications support for emergency call-in line, doing whatever was needed including writing scripts and info sheets, calling employees back and entering data.
Mike Smith Baton Rouge Main Office Building Superintendent 21 Drove gas truck driver from Baton Rouge to New Orleans area, filling auxiliary generators as needed.  Helped with branch recovery, including moving cash out.
Nellie Smith International Operations Section Manager 25 In Shreveport, helped maintain International department’s operating system.  Kept area running for first week or so using manual tickets.
Stacy Smith Direct Bank Sales Center Manager 10 Reorganized Direct Bank to help customer service call centers.
Katie Soileau Lake Charles Recruiter 25 Helped with Human Resources recovery in Lake Charles.
Sharon Soileau Accounts Payable Clerk 19 Spent many days and hours processing thousands of employee emergency expense reports.
Dave Soniat Data Facilities Manager 16 Oversaw installation of hundreds of new computer workstations essential to getting people back to work in disaster recoveries sites in Shreveport and elsewhere.
Yvette Soniat HRIS Delivery and Payroll Manager 15 One of first Human Resources responders on-site in Shreveport.  Ensured payrolls were complete and took physical checks with her from New Orleans and mailed from Shreveport.  Instrumental in getting HR systems restored.  Arranged process to pay $1,000 recovery bonus to several thousand displaced employees.
Monique Spears Distributed Services Project Manager 4 In Shreveport, provided initial lodging support to employees, later focused project management on recovery efforts.
Jim Spiers 2nd Class Engineer 1 Only engineer to stay at Hibernia Center with Steve Hebert during storm, although only with bank a few months.  Did a “wonderful job and worked extremely hard with no sleep.”
Kay St. John North Texas Regional Chairman 28 Helped manage influx of evacuees to Dallas.
Tatiana Stead Capital One Director, Corporate Communications 6 Helped coordinate disaster communications with news media.
Greg Stelly Contingency Planning Manager 2 Coordinated entire disaster recovery team as well as parts of the emergency rescue at Hibernia Center.
Glynn Stephens Deposit Maintenance and Support Section Manager 15 Supervised deposit maintenance and had to deal with many issues such as change of address and service charge waivers.
Stephanie Steward Small Business/Private Banking Relationship Manager 9 Although displaced from New Orleans, pitched in to help at Baton Rouge branch.
Cindi Stover Houston Main Office Superintendent 17 Worked to secure hotel rooms for New Orleans employees who relocated to Houston.
Susan Streich SBA Relationship Manager 5 Worked to create small business loan program for disaster area .  Got Hibernia prepared to re-enter SBA lending market quicker than thought possible.
Valerie Sutton Sherwood Forest Assistant Branch Manager 32 Put in many hours helping run busy Baton Rouge branch overwhelmed with evacuees.
Lisa Tartaglia Hibernia Insurance Administrator 8 Helped organize, handle details and get recovery set up for insurance managers’ offices.
Tara Tebbe Retail Operations Support Coordinator 18 Arranged emergency branch operations help desk operation.  Don’t know how she did it.
Steve Terry President, Hibernia Insurance Agency, LLC 4 Oversaw insurance agency’s response to customers’ disaster needs.
Amelia Tessitore Loan Documentation Administrator 7 In Shreveport, worked to recover Small Business loan servicing.
Mark Theriot Senior Network Operations Analyst 7 Although lost home in St. Bernard, worked in Shreveport to recover systems.
Keith Thigpen Loan Documentation and Servicing Manager 4 Made sure commercial team (Loan Administration Dept.) was up and running in spite of losing significant staff in production shop.
Steve Thorpe Public Relations Manager 20 Managed difficult national media exposure from Houston while wife’s business was destroyed in New Orleans.
Beth Tiderman Construction Project Manager 17 Helped set up temporary offices for evacuees in Houston.
Kendra Toney Gause Branch Manager 17 Opened and managed Gause Office.  Broke open loan file drawers to get papers out.  Later died in murder-suicide by husband’s hand.
Paul Townsend Capital One Director, Infrastructure Strategy and Implementation Services 13 Assisted in infrastructure analysis and rebuild plans.
Bob Tusa Greater New Orleans Regional Chairman 19 Played key role in re-opening and restaffing Greater New Orleans branches.
David Tyler Vice President, Capital One Bank Integration 10 Provided valuable leadership in integration process as well as recovery assistance.
Donald Verette Communications and Data Specialist 21 Kept communications hub operational and worked some late nights to get Hibernia Main Office ready to re-open.
Lisa Vicknair Family and Business Insurance Center Manager 15 Commuted every day from Houma to Baton Rouge to  organize employees to handle claim calls and normal customer service calls.  Helped coordinate six-day coverage for customer calls and concerns.
Wynne Voorhees Small Business Banking Credit Officer 14 Worked diligently to make credit decisions despite disruption of storms.
Mike Wack SW Regional Commercial Manager 6 Gave up offices in Baton Rouge.  Worked on loan loss review team.  Provided a “first aid station” for the Executive Management Committee – temporary office space and other support.
Mary and Morris Walker Financial Reporting ManagerTax Accountant 11 Helped with accounting work in Baton Rouge after evacuating.
Troy Walker Automated Loan Services Collateral Control Section Manager 2 Walked up 25 flights and “broke into” collateral vault to get important stock collateral for customer.  Worked “non-stop” on Loan Services recovery issues in Shreveport.
Walter Walker Deposit Services and Technology Manager 39 Kept in touch constantly throughout time employees and their families were at Hibernia Center.  Showed concern for the people, not just the work.  Provided support for the disaster recovery team and helped keep things in perspective.
Barbara Wall Small Business Banking Loan Documentation Administrator 18 Did “whatever it took” to recover Small Business loan servicing in Shreveport in spite of her home being destroyed.  Arranged for her husband to help set up equipment for new work stations.  Lost mother-in-law in Chalmette nursing home evacuation.
Janet Wallace Capital One Senior Manager, US Card Markets Communications 5 Provided communications support for the employee call-in line, doing whatever was needed – new scripts, info sheets, call backs to employees, data entry, etc.
James Wamboldt Retail Loan Operations – Loan Accounting Section Manager 9 Walked up 25 flights in dark, “broke into” collateral vault to get important stock collateral for customer.
Kyle Waters Louisiana Chief Consumer and Business Banking Officer 33 Provided vital recovery leadership for entire retail banking arena.  Was interviewed on National Public Radio about the state of banking in New Orleans.
Elgin Weaver Humble Branch Manager 2 Evacuated to Texas and worked in Dallas branch.  Transferred to take over a branch in Humble, Texas.
Greg Webb Lake Charles Corporate Relationship Manager 23 Helped with Lake Charles hurricane impact analysis and client recovery.
Mark Welch Dallas-Fort Worth East Trade area Manager 3 Worked to help handle evacuee load.
Kendra Wheeler Shreveport Human Resources Consultant 8 Assisted with many HR issues during recovery period.
Giatana White National Accounts Demand Deposit Manager 24 In Alexandria, provided client services to U.S. Corporate clients almost by herself.  Stayed at relatives’ camp over an hour away.
Karen Wicker Statement/Mail Services Manager 17 Worked to recover statement rendering (printing).  Traveled to a number of cities to solve different rendering challenges.
Sam Wilkinson Human Resources Regional Manager 29 Provided essential HR leadership in the recovery in Southwest Louisiana and Houston.
Debra Williams Executive Administrative Assistant 7 Evacuated to Baton Rouge and assisted Executive Management Team.
Irma Williams Retail Loan Operations Processor 10 Evacuated from Superdome, spent two nights under I-10 overpass.  Evacuated to Atlanta.  Eventually got to Shreveport and went to work.
Thom Williams Helped evacuees in Lake Charles.
Janet Wood SW Regional Chairman 20 Led Southwest Region recovery after Rita.
Kevin Wynne Mid-City Branch Manager 4 Lived in East New Orleans and lost everything.  Back to work in Houston in less than a week.  Worked at temporary banking office at Convention Center in Houston set up to help New Orleans evacuees.  Addressed customer’s financial concerns and emotional needs.
Violet Youngblood Fall Creek Assistant Branch Manager 8 Displaced employee who transferred permanently to Houston.
Mike Zainey Human Resources Manager 26 Provided vital oversight of HR recovery and created special emergency benefits for thousands of displaced employees.


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  1. I just reviewed the ‘Honor Roll’ listing and I failed to see John Gelis in the list. He was the Vice President in Card Products Department (ATM and Debit Card). I worked under him and was presented with a tremendous problem of re-issuing the ATM and Debit Cards that had been sent out just prior to the storms as well as those that were lost or stolen during the events. Cynthia Hogan (now Lincoln) and I worked out of the Houston area and John worked was in another location here in Louisiana. I retired in 2009 and am now living in Metairie. Cynthia (Cindy) is now living in Lacombe, and John moved to Washington D.C. and worked out of the Main office until 2014 as a Vice President in Charge of Card Products Mergers. Billy Arnold work under him in 2000 and 2001. I feel it is only fitting that John be listed in the ‘Honor Roll’ as no moss grew under his feet after those two storms. Please notify Mr. Russell Hoadley. Thanks

    • Charles … Thanks very much for your note. I completely agree. I don’t know how John’s contributions slipped by me. I will work on this shortly.

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